The Challenge: 
At the beginning of 2015 Verizon was in a pickle. They were leaving behind their iconic “red world” and giving the brand a total face lift. However, they still needed to have a strong competitive message while waiting for the new Verizon to come out. Thus the “typewriter” transition campaign was born. A pragmatic solution with a strong , competitive message but a transitional design that would not completely give away the clean, updated new image the brand was about to reveal.

 The Background:

As one of their multicultural agencies, Verizon brought us the challenge to create a tactical campaign based on “Typewriter” for the bilingual consumers, focusing on how other mobile networks fail miserably when it comes to keeping their promises.

 How we did it: 

While the general market agencies were using rather long competitive phrases, we took the essence of each of these messages and simplified them into just ONE key word – for stronger memorabilityA word that not only reflected the user’s complicated relationship with their network, but one that reflected their mixed-language world, created impact and would also be catchy. We evolved it further and created a full glossary to describe bad wireless networksThat’s how Badnetworkpedia (a glossary of the bad wireless network) came to life.