The Challenge: 

Verizon wanted to attract West Coast multicultural millennials into their stores to drive sales, awareness and increase brand love.

 The Background:

We knew young millennials love music and are really passionate about what they like.

We also knew that West Coast is home to some of the world’s greatest, newest and more diverse indie bands and these local bands need technology to expand their fan base using social media to promote themselves.

Verizon’s technology could help bring these bands to another level.

Somehow we just needed to marry these three things together into one idea.

 How we did it: 

We created a virtual music festival called: musica unsigned—a microsite where technology connected fans with local bands to help their musical goals become a reality.

The fans were the emissaries They could use the site to speak out on behalf of their favorite local indie artists, giving them the chance to make it big. Also through the fans, we recruited 30 of the best indie bands in the region.

The bands had the mission to share their music with the world prompting their fans to enter the micro site, listen to their music and vote for them up the ranks. We empowered them with the musica unsigned toolkit, consisting of Verizon devices that aided them develop and promote their music.

All digital and social channels were engaged to spread the news via the #musicaunsigned.

Finally a panel of award winning producers and top music execs chose the winner band from the 5 top voted by the fans. The award? A professionally produced & recorded single.

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