The Challenge:

To create a financial brand completely from scratch. A new credit product that addressed the need of the recently arrived Hispanic immigrant of getting credit, without an established credit reputation.

The Background:

Through research we knew that our sweet spot consumer was underbanked, actively researching for financial products and had a high usage of international money remittance. Great! But also lacked trust towards the financial institutions, relied more on non-traditional methods and had language limitations, in particular financial. On top of that they had misconceptions about how to get credit and a fear of predatory products, expensive fees and commissions. So? How to make them trust a totally unknown brand?

How we did it:

We discovered an opportunity leveraging our product as a trusted, accessible one-stop-shop credit solution that provided the tools for credit growth. Our first step was to find a name that said it all, thus, Pr1ma Card was born: the first card and first step for the customers’ financial future success in the United States. From there we created all brand elements: logo, card design, color palette etc. And an advertising campaign that provided all the essential communication and a financial tool-kit that kept them connected, motivated, and focused on their finances as they planned and prepared to make their dreams a reality.




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