The Challenge:
Konami looked to launch a new video game in the US General Market based on the popular Mexican fighting style known as Lucha Libre. Therefore, this campaign had to not only introduce US gamers to Lucha Libre, but also make them want to buy a fighting game based on it… but we wanted to do it sans clichés.

The Background:
Lucha Libre is hugely popular & deeply rooted within Mexican culture. The fighters proudly embrace their personas both in and outside of the ring. The emotional ties of the fans to the sport & its fighters are also incredibly powerful.

However, Americans only exposure to the sport came from a mildly entertaining film starring Jack Black as Nacho Libre; a movie that is bursting at the seams with stereotypes and falsehoods.

How we did it:
To engage our gamers we leveraged the stark contrast that exists between Lucha Libre and the more familiar sport of American wrestling; emotions. We translated the devotion of the real-life ‘luchador’ into the virtual one; connecting with the feelings he has and those that he inspires. And of course, steering clear of the stereotypes.


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