The Challenge:
A little known bank from Cincinnati wanted to show Hispanics living in Florida that they could rely on them.

The Background:
Fifth Third Bank was gearing up to launch a new general market campaign focused on the sacrifices made to reach our dreams. Problem was that Hispanics were fed up with sacrifices… they were done with focusing on the hardships endured and yearned instead for someone to show them the light at the end of the tunnel.

How we did it:
We adapted the campaign to focus on the positive; those that dared to dream big and most of all, the great sense of accomplishment & pride felt when our dreams come to fruition.

We even took it a step further by personalizing our messaging to the US Hispanic audience by leveraging insights relative to Hispanics’ overall relationship with money (ie. purchasing & saving habits). In the middle of the banking crisis of 2008 we engendered trust in a market, where trust simply did not exist anymore, by showing them that Fifth Third Bank not only understood them, but they offered the banking products they desired and the staff on hand to speak to them in language; something that big banks simply could not.

Logo adaptation

FTB-00085 Goal Setter Print.indd

FTB-00085 Goal Setter Print.indd

FTB-00085 Goal Setter Print.indd

FTB-00085 Goal Setter Print.indd



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